Things Im doing

Product management professional specialising in delivering digital products in an agile envirionment, data driven product development, conversion optimisation, A/B testing, developing growth models, inbound marketing and customer aqusition.

Things Ive done


Founded and launched a platform for editorial, discussion and debate which gained traction immediatley on launch attracting in excess of 100,000 unique visitors per month to sections for key verticals including tech, gaming and culture. We leveraged this to form extensive commercial partnerships, media partnerships and high profile sponsorship targeted to a user base of over 10,000 monthly active registered users. A team of over 20 including UX designers, developers and editorial were involved in the delivery of this product over a period of just five weeks for the MVP and the continual operation of this for a year, during which the platform became pivotal in connecting journalists, opinion leaders and trendsetters with high quality engaged audiences in an environment where discussion and debate could floruish without hinderence.

Ran the PostDesk Christmas project - which asked over 300 celebrities what they wanted for Christmas for two years running. The project attracted over 300,000 unique visitors in the space of 4 weeks.

Spoke at University of Manchester Innovation Centre on the lean startup movement.

2008 - 2011

Read LLB (Hons) Law and graduated with honours, specialising in Intellectual Property Law, Company Law, Employment Law, Human Rights and Civil Liberties, EU Law, Sale of Goods and Agency, Negotiation.

2006 - 2010

Founded and managed a number of online communities (including forums, editorial websites) in the areas of PC/LAN gaming, Apple Mac users, IT and computing, politics and culture. Ran the UK phpBB leadership team meetup in Manchester with delegates from across the US and Europe.

Utilising spare development and design resource from these ventures, I also operated a small web agency specialising in bespoke e-commerce, blogging, content marketing and community solutions for SMEs and small organisations across the world.

Free web consultancy

The work I do is my passion. For that reason, outside of my day job I like to give something back. I provide completely free, no-obligation consultancy in a number of my areas of expertise, just to help people and their businesses.

The web can be a confusing landscape if you're looking to start out or looking to develop your digital strategy and some much needed clarity and direction can be all that's needed to lead you in the direction of success.

I can provide free consultancy sessions on…

Product Management

Looking to launch a web product? Do you have an idea which you're looking to turn in to a business? I can help you define a product rodmap, prioritising features for a minimum viable product that will serve you well - providing you with valuable user feedback and the traction you need in leanest, easiest and cheapest way possible.

Content Marketing

Crafting the editorial, audio and video content that resonates well with your current and potential users and provides value they can’t get anywhere else is a crucial part of any digital strategy. It's also important to encourage engagement to increase the viral coefficient and grow as a website. Striving to be extremely relevant and personalised is crucial too in the age of context, and also in order to effectively master the art of newsjacking. Knowing your audience on a local, national and international scale is also pivotal to success here – I can help you find the right tools and techniques for the job.

Community Management

From forums and message boards to ‘social media’ including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr, any business without a presence where their current or potential customers are is missing out. Creating a community around your own product is also incredibly valuable – and it’s surprisingly easy to get started.

Outreach and promoting your product

This can go hand in hand with a solid content strategy and robust community management but it’s really about creating the right relationships and making the best use of them to take advantage of the powerful ‘network effect' to become increasingly influential in your field which can form the basis for ‘viral marketing campaigns’.

Conversion Optimisation

The key metric for most businesses is a sale of some sort – a conversion. There are 100s of potential techniques to boost conversion rates, but the key is being able to measure those and find out what works best for you. There are a number of effective tools and techniques that can allow you to implement a strong conversion optimisation based around an industry standard experimentation and testing strategy.

Search Engine Optimisation

Getting to the top of search engines or ‘SEO’ can be a real minefield with conflicting information everywhere you look. This combined with a number of seemingly legit agencies engaging in out-dated snake-oil practices, you can now find yourself blacklisted from Google overnight. It's a fast moving field, which requires an in-depth knowledge of the motivations behind the search engines themselves and the experience they want to provide their users with.

Web Design and Development

If your budget doesn't stretch to inviting a number of agencies to tender for a project so that you can make an informed decision, using my professional network I’m willing to put you in touch with exactly the right talented developers and designers you need.

Legal and regulatory compliance in the UK and EU

With a background in law, I’m well placed to provide informal consultancy about complying with the latest UK and EU legislation and regulations when it comes to running a business online – including data protection, e-commerce and intellectual property issues and even company formation. I can also help with drafting terms and conditions or contracts for service providers or online businesses.

Domains acquisition and portfolio management

There are a number of ways to acquire a domain you'd like to make use of. I have experience initiating acquisitions via various marketplaces, bidding platforms and also directly leading to a private sale. Portfolio management, domain appraisals and valuation, dealing with registrars around the world and domain dispute resolution via ICANN UDRP and Nominent DRS policies are all things to consider when working in this space.


Contact me using the details below and I'll be more than happy to arrange a session which suits your needs, be it over the phone, via Google Hangouts or Skype or in person. I promise to get back to you within a day.

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You can contact me via telephone on +44 (0) 7969453925, via e-mail or on Twitter at @samengland. If you email me, I'll always respond to your message within a day.